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Ceramic Pipes 
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Ceramic Dead Head Bong
Item Code: SKC-112
Name: Ceramic Dead Head Bong
This ceramic dead head bong ensures a perfect smoking delight. Fully glazed and hand- painted, this water bong with its wicked looks ensures a hellish smoke.
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Head Ceramic Pipe
Item Code: SKC-105A
Name: Head Ceramic Pipe
With a long attached ceramic pipe, this dead head bong delivers a hassle free and rich smoke. It features a bowl on its head to put your favorite herb/ tobacco.
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Ceramic Winged Skull Bong
Item Code: SKC-103
Name: Ceramic Winged Skull Bong
Now inhale the best quality herb or tobacco using this superior quality ceramic winged skull bong, which is diabolical in shape and design and ensures great puff.
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Ceramic Skull Hookah
Item Code: SKC-107
Name: Ceramic Skull Hookah
Uniquely designed, this ceramic 4 hose skull hookah seems to be made of real skull that also ensures the real and smooth smoking delight.
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Ceramic Dead Head Skulls
Item Code: SKC-110
Name: Ceramic Dead Head Skulls
This ceramic dead head bong with its filthy appearance makes a great bong for a perfect smoke. Lit this and feel yourself up-in-smoke.
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Cobra Figured Water Bong
Item Code: SNC905A
Name: Cobra Figured Water Bong
This wonderfully crafted Cobra figured water bong is molded into realistic design, with ghasty and fiendish looks. The vivid application of glazed colors heightens the awesome look.
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Cobra Figured Ceramic Water Bong
Item Code: SNC-902
Name: Cobra Figured Ceramic Water Bong
This ergnomically shaped Cobra figured ceramic water bong is available in medium size and an ideal piece for a beatific smoke.
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Cobra Shaped Pipe
Item Code: SNC-903
Name: Cobra Shaped Pipe
This ceramic Cobra shaped water pipe is one of the best looking ceramic bongs in the market. With its fiendish looks and superior quality aluminum accessories its just matchless in function and design.
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Nag Shaped Water Pipe
Item Code: SNC-903B
Name: Nag Shaped Water Pipe
Depicting the style and variety, we have at Shivam, This nasty Cobra shaped water pipe is made of high quality ceramic. Colors and shapes may vary.
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Aluminum Accessories Water Smoking Pipes
Item Code: SNC-904
Name: Aluminum Accessories Water Smoking Pipes
This deadly reptile cajoles the smoke lovers for a fiendish smoking delight. Made of premium quality ceramic, this bong comes with aluminum accessories and functional ease.
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